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Autumn beauty

Autumn evening, a man sitting in a sofa smoking cigarette, see white beneath the red, slightly revealed heating, his mood then follow the blue smoke curled, as easily, as free. I confused smoke into strands of filament, slowly disappeared, and that moment, heart mood also follow the depression in the universe of 1 000000000 universes, so do not speak when the mood, and the only when emotional feeling. To draw another match, again point that has over three or four times the cigar, but because the lime has the plot too much, too, but a slight play, ash static quietly falling in copper furnace, its silence at this time as I write in the paper, a little the sound also does not have Asian college of knowledge management. Then again, a mouthful of swallowing a confide, aroma, as have many concubines warm fragrant hold in the atmosphere. They think that this smoke, smoke a warm heat, thought chamber 's dim hazy, autumn means think. Then remember, always his autumn meaning, is not the case, suggesting the Xiao Sha, is sad, is autumn fan, is red, is a barren grass is luxuriant forest. But autumn is another means, no spring Yang exuberant, also does not have the summer hot pressing, also not fully into the dry winter. My love is Qiulin ancient gas with weather. Someone to act as an elder abuse, visible is not to know the taste of Qiulin patina. In four, I in autumn is preferred, so you might as well talk. Autumn is mature, the bright beautiful spring, summer thick thick deep, who are over, be not at all surprising, so its color is light, Hata Huang, with its ancient Cang 'expense, not only to Green Wing for the. This is what I call the means of autumn. I love not late autumn, autumn is, then the gas primary consumers, month circle, crab is fat, osmanthus moon, nor in fear his bleak gaseous, this is the most worthy of appreciation of music. Then the gentle, as I smoke on the red ash, just a smoked cooked warm fragrant. Or if the scholar has rows of and write amazing style, gradually mature Lian, Hong Yi solid, the text read to have profound meaning. This is what Chuang-tzu called " autumn and Cheng Wan " strong significance. In the life most pleasure is the type of thing. Such as wine alcohol to the old. The smoke also and strong distinction. Cigar better, far better than cigaretteswine school, because of its taste and. If there is a burn well, slowly suck a, see the red hot hair, there are endless means. Opium I don't know, see people in the lamp burning, listen to her voice, stripping, also feel a kind of poetry. Probably all old, mature, smoked yellow, cooked refining things, so I get the same good. As a smoked pot in the oven with slow stewed pork is generated when the pot Xu Yin tone, is makes me feel the same view burning smoky the same interest. As a used twenty years but have not yet broken dictionary, or a desk or the half, as seen in the streets of a blackened act as an elder sign, or see Master of calligraphy handwriting vigorous male deep, have a same happiness, life, such as having four years after this period, must mature woman, such as perfect encounter along, must have at the woman in her thirty-forties charm, as a budding beauty that must not be and. I admire the most is Duncan quotes: " the world will chant the spring and fall in love, it has no reason. To autumn scenery, more beautiful, more Hui Qi, and happy day a million times more magnificent, surprise, richly. I pity those women out intolerance, so they missed the autumn grand love give 迪士尼美語 好唔好. " If Duncan, who is wrong.